What is Equity Real Estate Crowdfunding? Is it a donation or gofundme type?

by Jamie 05/22/2019

All crowdfunding offers are not the same.


Joe and Shane Cook the sponsors of the crowdfunding offer, are personally invested in every project that we currently offer including:

Arcadia Lite

Earll Drive PHX.


Then, they are offering Equity Interests and profit participation to qualified investors.


 Since the project is already funded, you are in an equity position with an interest in the project. 


The 5 types of Crowdfunding Models 

Donation Based= Funders donate money to a campaign and don’t expect a benefit from the transaction.
Reward-Based= Funders donate money in exchange for a “reward” typically the product or service.
Royalty Based= Funders invest and expect to receive percentage of revenue from the transaction.
Debt Based= Funders lend money  and expect the future repayment of a principle with or without interest.
Equity Based= Funders invest in a project and receive equity or equity like shares in return for their investment.


This is a capital investment, not a kickstarter, donation and no rewards like some other type of crowdfunding. This is regulated capital investment, by the AZ Corporations Commission Securities division.


If you want an opportunity to invest in real estate without all the hassle of finding fixing and selling a house, this is a great investment for you!


If your looking to diversify your capital into the real estate market, this is an excellent opportunity for you.


You have control of how many projects you participate in.  Our goal is to reach 12-18% annualized return, have periodic liquidity, and have a number of projects for you to choose from.


If you’re ready to invest simply go to:  PhixNPhlip.com, choose your project, select the INVEST NOW button and we will connect you with our third part escrow service.


This blog should be used for informational purposes only. This blog should not be construed as legal , real estate or financial advice. If you need legal advice regarding Crowdfunding Laws, or any other litigation matters, contact an attorney in your area.   

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