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by Jamie 05/22/2019

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Start here with PhixNPhlip Intro Video= PhixNPhlip Overview Website

How to invest with PhixNPhlip a crowdfunding platform

Jim and Tricia Manara Manara Properties

Andrew Thruston P.J Hussey Construction

Why work with Shane Cook and PhixNPhlip?

Joe Cook in Real Estate since 1991 participating in transactions of over $380 million .

Shane Cook Since 1998 I have sold transactions totaling over $250 million dollars

Testimonials Videos

Myles W on what he thinks about about real estate investing

Myles W. on How he purchased multiple properties in Phoenix with Shane Cook

Myles W. What he thinks about the transparency of a PhixNPhlip Transaction

Leila W. why she works with Shane and Joe

Andy N. How in got involved in Real Estate

Andy N. What he thinks about Joe and Shane Cook

Andy N. thoughts on working with Joe and Shane Cook “they got all the angles covered”

Myles W. Working with Shane Cook as a Realtor

Leila Woodard Why she refers her deals to Shane

Leila Woddard why I continue to refer Shane Cook my commercial deals

Miles W. Testimonial Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment Platform



Project Videos

Project 2 Earll Drive PHX

Project 1 Arcadia Lite

Earll Drive PHX 3d project Video= 2242 E. Earll Dr Movie

Arcadia Lite 3d Project Video= 3433 E Sells Drive Movie



Real Estate Stories Videos

 Hows The Market

 How To Underwrite Deals


Pepperwood Golf Course

 Theater Purchase

Why CrowdFunding

Orange St



Partners in Construction and design

Intro To Revival



You have control of how many projects you participate in.  Our goal is to reach 10-18% annualized return, have periodic liquidity, and have a number of projects for you to choose from.

If you’re ready to invest simply go to:, choose your project, select the INVEST NOW button and we will connect you with our third part escrow service.




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