Want to have a prosperous future in retirement? PhixNPhip.com Real Estate Crowdfunding

by Jamie 10/03/2019

You want to have a prosperous future in retirement.

However, slowly having a savings account won’t get you there with less than 1% return and the stock market has been pretty volatile lately. Real estate is a preferred investment of the rich like Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett who have made some of their money through real estate.


Although to get started and be successful in real estate it can take a lot of time money and skills.

That’s where PhixNPhlip can help you. Our crowdfunding platform will allow you to choose from a variety of different real estate projects. Where everything will be taken care of by us the sponsor. As sponsors we use our own money to fund a project, even if the funding campaign doesn’t reach its goal.

 I’ve been a real estate investor in Arizona since 1991 participating in transactions over 380 million dollars. Shane has been a trusted partner of mine since 1998.

Together we understand the time money and skills necessary for these types of real estate projects. Since 1998 I have purchased, sold and been a realtor on many types of transactions totaling over 250 million dollars. I’m dedicated to serving my buyers sellers and investors here in Arizona. With our PhixNPhlip platform we’re dedicated to helping people regardless of their level of real estate experience, to profit from investing in real estate.


 If you’re still not sure listen to what people who work with us have to say;

What I like most about working with Joe and Shane is that they understand the Arizona market and they’re very approachable and they understand business.

They know how to make a deal they’re very trustworthy very ethical individuals. You would be in great hands they have the knowledge needed to have a successful project and take it to a final executors product where you will make you know a very great profit.

 So what I feel it makes Joe and Shane such a good team is their communication because they do their homework.

They definitely do their due diligence on each property that they’re going to Select. So far everything that we’ve done since 2010 has been precisely what he said which is great!


Here are more videos from our clients!

If you still have questions or would like to learn more, visit our Blog  see FAQ’s or submit your contact information the bottom of the website PhixNPhlip.com .

This blog should be used for informational purposes only. This blog should not be construed as legal , real estate or financial advice. If you need legal advice regarding Crowdfunding Laws, or any other litigation matters, contact an attorney in your area.   


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