Project overview Tremaine Drive CHR real estate crowdfunding offering

by Jamie 09/16/2019

Project overview Tremaine Drive CHR real estate crowdfunding offering

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Hi I’m Shane cook with PhixNPhlip equity crowdfunding projects here in Arizona. This is our Tremaine project, the first project that we’re actually already started on construction before the close of the funding.

You still have a couple of weeks to get in on the funding which closes on September 25th.

Also, on September 21st Saturday at 9:30 gonna do a walk through here at 373 East Tremaine Drive in Chandler Arizona.

I grew up in this area and there’s quite a few things that I enjoy as far as the restaurants around here and the amenities.

We’ve got the Arizona wilderness brewery just up the street literally walking distance. That’s won many awards for the beer that they make and they’ve got great burgers. Then about a mile down the street we did a little bit of recording today at Nellos pizza. I’m a little biased is I’ve been going to Nellos for over 30 years. Worked there and met Jamie who works on this project there and all kinds of things. I really like that area and then the Dobson ranch area in general is just a great community and to grow up in. I’ve always loved this area it’s a nice to be working in this area again.

This is a neat little community that got annexed into Chandler, used to be a County Island.

They’re all little acre to two acre pieces with properties on them that are getting redone. We’re excited to be in here redoing the property as well as you can see Kevin’s well into the demolition. Revival Renovations been here all morning taking care of getting the demolition started. Some of the additions we’re gonna do this house, as you can see we’ve torn the middle out. We’re gonna extend the front a few feet and the back a few feet and the roof on top of that the gables will run in the opposite direction as Gables that are currently left up there. This will add wide open vaulted great room concept with kitchen in the middle and then also on the back where you can see the windows currently. That’ll get filled in and we’re gonna add square footage to the back of there which will be an additional master bedroom. Here we’re gonna have a covered patio area that will enclose kind of this back yard area along an RV garage. On this side that’ll be created so we’ll have this tucked in backyard with the redone pool and a nice big block to the western side. So that in those broiling summers with the western heat you get a little bit of relief.

I’m Shane cook with Thanks for checking us out!


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Offer: 8% preferred interest Prior to Sponsor participation
 30% NET Profit share after Sponsor participation of  35K
Total Interests available: 525 @ $1,000 each = $525,000

Raise date is 9/25/2019 or when the entire project is funded; whichever comes first!

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