Video Update Project #3 Update Tremaine Drive 11.18.19

by Jamie 11/18/2019

Project #3 Update Tremaine Drive 11.18.19

All right so we’ll start from the back here I kind of wanted to be out of everybody’s way.

But as you can see the framing is in full swing. Try to stay a hell out of everybody’s way so you don’t get smacked with, you know two by six in the hat, two by four in the head but they’re flying.

Yeah the master all done! Good timing I’m out of your way huh it’s

looking good man. Now this would be flying up soon you don’t even know what’s going on. So now saving this big picture that I saw on the one hand for the way out and as you take a look at the  drawing as I back out of the way. Park the RV, event all right a little bit while we back out and the framing. it’s going up so

like I said that’s a project #3 Tremaine here in Chandler. For our

PhixNPhlip crowdfunding real estate investments and I’m Shane cook with My Home Group commercial and residential real estate take care have a great day!

Project #3 Update Tremaine Drive 11.18.19

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