PhixNPhlip; Building relationships with a 100% instead of just the 5%.

by Jamie 12/10/2019

Building relationships with a 100%  instead of just the 5%.

Hi,  Shane Cook with, one of the things we like to talk about is this structure allows us to raise money with a 100% of the folks that we get build relationships. Instead of the old structure that we used to use the really only let us build relationships or advertise this type of investment to 5% of the folks that we touched.

Exactly with with the new rules we’re allowed to market over a broad group of media and in a very broad in general way.

Say look these are the projects that we do are you interested and if they’re interested and we’re allowed to build a relationship with them around that project. We weren’t able to do that before and so why weren’t we able to do that before? Well the old rules were restrictive on who you contact and how you contact them and it really did is limit us to less than 5% of the entire population.

 Could we even tell that five percent publicly what we intended to Return?

Not really and so today we can say this is our intent. Here’s a project we bought, here’s how we bought it, here’s what we want to do with it, here’s what we think the return might be. Here world participate with us but a 100% of people instead of just this small 5%. Exactly we have an easier way to deliver the facts around what we’re doing and so when we deliver the facts around what we’re doing would you say it’s more transparent? Very much more transparent and a lot more educational; for example we’ve talked a little bit about that we generate competitions sometimes by saying this is exactly what we’re doing and how we do it, do you want to participate? But the benefit to that to our relationships which again includes everybody friends family unknown people, people who touch us through the marketing material.

The benefit of that is, they can invest smaller amounts of money in more projects.

They get there’s more transparency, more diversity and that’s a more prudent way to be an investor. So that’s one of the main reasons we like  crowdfunding as a platform, is that it allows us to touch and build relationships with a 100% of the investors and non investors that we touch, instead of just 5% and we get to do that in a more transparent way. So check us out at have a great day.

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