PhixNPhlip 2020 Project Review video and update; #1 3433 E Sells, #2 2422 E. Earll Dr, #3 3473 E Tremaine Dr.

by Jamie 03/02/2020

PhixNPhlip 2020 Project Review video and update; #1 3433 E Sells, #2 2422 E. Earll Dr, #3 3473 E Tremaine Dr.’s first project has been a great success!

The creators of crowdfunding are Shane and Joe Cook. A father-son duo PhixNPhlip is a real estate crowdfunding source offering
Arizona residents an opportunity to invest as little as $1,000 in local real estate projects. The goal is to provide a 12% to 18% annualized return, to have periodic liquidity, and to have a number of projects for investors to choose from throughout the year.

The first project was at 3433 East Sells Dr. in Arcadia Light and was secured in March of 2018.

Over the time the decision was made to buildP a whole new house, closing didn’t happen until November of 2018 and these two things provided an extended project time frame that time frame and the project size was
exactly what PhixNPhlip wanted to test the crowdfunding platform. On March 28 2019 Phix Properties LLC filed the first single-family residence real estate crowdfunded offering in the state of Arizona with the Arizona Securities Division. A total of $663,000 in secured participating non-voting membership interests were offered with a raise date ending May 22nd 2019. Expected distribution on this first project is near the beginning of April 2020. 3433 East Sells Dr. is already under contract to the end buyer with no remaining contingencies and we just need to complete a few final items for the buyer. Designed by; Gwen Butler with GTNJ architecture, constructed by Kevin and Nicole at Revival Home Renovations.

Our second project is still in the early construction stages at 2244 E. Earll Dr.

There was an opportunity to partner with an additional sponsor Better Neighborhoods LLC with Trisha and Jim Manera.

Our third project should be finished up soon and on the market!

Seasonally perfect timing 373 E. Tremaine Dr. in Chandler was purchased in January of 2019 and offered up $525,000 in secured participating preferred non-voting membership interest. Through September 24th 2019 as part of the process and offering crowdfunding projects PhixNPhlip creates regular video updates here is one with the video production crew from Financial Potion to show you our vision of Tremaine Drive Thank You Taylor and Eric Wellman! In Fact, has produced over 60 videos now on our YouTube channel. In addition to project updates testimonials and promotional videos, there are videos of Shane and Joe cook answering common questions regarding crowdfunding and real estate investment experience stories.

Throughout the year PhixNPhlip has presented at Double-Digit Investment club, Phoenix Real Estate Investors Association, Southwest Valley Regional Association of Realtors, and attended real estate investor association meetups around the valley.

Right now is looking for presentation opportunities throughout Arizona.

The founders enjoy sharing their experiences and knowledge in real estate including the crowdfunding
diversification platform to Arizona residents who want to invest in real estate. Please contact Jamie Sweet at 602-694-3677 to put something on the schedule

PhixNPhlip is currently opportunistically looking for the next project the kind of properties that work best right now have an ARV of less than $600,000 to $700,000 are less than 70 cents on the dollar.

Repairs or a lot that needs the house demolished and a new build put in place. PhixNPhlip prefers the East Valley or the central Phoenix Arcadia area. But they are opportunists so if you have a great deal give Jamie a call at 602-694-3677.

In closing wants to thank all the investors in the current projects for entrusting them with your capital investment.

They are excited to share that they are very close to closing out the first project and expect better results than the projections back in July. Stay tuned for more updates and projects to invest in at or on the PhixNPhlip facebook page thank you for watching!


Invest in Real Estate Crowdfunding offering. Preferred Interest, Plus Profit share! Just choose your project to Invest Now or sign up for our next project.

If you’re ever wanted to invest in AZ Real Estate, a crowdfunding investment is a great way to get your feet wet! Until recently, real estate investment was the realm of moguls and millionaires. Today, new Arizona statutes have opened real estate to crowdfunding. Now, you can be a part of Arizona’s growth, even if you only have $1000 to invest. If you still have questions or would like to learn more, visit our Blog or connect with us directly through the get in touch section at the bottom of the website

PhixNPhlip 2020 Project Review video and update; #1 3433 E Sells, #2 2422 E. Earll Dr, #3 3473 E Tremaine Dr.

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