11.4.2019 Project #1 Update Sells Dr 

by Jamie 11/04/2019

1.4.2019 Project#1 Update Sells Dr

Shane Cook here my home group full time realtor, commercial and residential also PhixNPhlip.com Arizona real estate crowdfunding. We’re here at our first project at sells Drive.

This one’s coming along great hopefully we’ll be getting this one all locked up and taken care of in December and January so that we can move on to something else. I’ll turn this around here and show you what we got going on here at Sells you can see the fireplace coming together behind me both. All the drywall is getting done it’s actually mostly dry walls all finished. See the kitchen  area there got all our flooring piled up here.


We’ve gotten the cement poured for what we’re doing here on the fireplace and it’s got a wood texture to it.

Then one of these pieces of wood for the flooring oh yeah it’s gonna look real nice when it’s done. Real nice some of what’s going on with the tile that might go in in different places. Walk back here to the master master bedroom. Accent big dual head shower all coming together real nice,the project is coming together real nice. The project is cruising what else do we got in here… alright that’s the pass through the laundry room from the master walk-in. We’ll go around to that side now this is a pantry in here space dryer double ovens and whatnot.


Alright let’s move down into yeah they saved the sign when they move the fence garage doors in.

I’ll see if I can get a shot of that outside but walk down here into the Jack and Jill bathroom and they’re already working on our flooring in the Jack and Jill bathroom so that’s coming along nice. Then they’ve already got the floor and order the laundry rooms huge tiles but the light’s not on in here so you can’t see very well. You know again it’s the pass tree back to this master closet.

let’s sneak outside get a good look at the garage that came in and how the front of the house is looking. You got a fancy-looking that house is coming along well nice modern look we’re still looking for some accents on the outside pictures on the outside.


 Nicole and Kevin at Revival are doing an awesome job here on our house that sells Drive.

Get a picture of that from both directions for you and staying updated on our projects. like I said I’m Shane Cook with MHG Commercial and My Home Group full-time residential and commercial realtor also worked to crowdfunding projects here in Arizona a PhixNphlip.com have a great week and we look forward to seeing.


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