Earll Drive PHX Project update Video

by Jamie 06/28/2019

Earll Drive PHX Project update Video

Hi I’m Trisha Manera Hello I’m Jim Manera and we are at our recent rehab project  Earll Drive in Phoenix.

This started off as a small project we were just going to purchase it paint, put the kit new kitchen and do something with  bathrooms. Then it turned into something larger talking to Shane Cook from PhixNPhlip. I’ve known him for seven years and so we were talking about this project and we decided to partner with him and turn it into a much larger project.

 The crowdfunding PhixNPhlip model is awesome

because it allows people that don’t have 40K to 50K dollars but have 1K dollars. That want to get involved in the real estate investing business. This gives them a vehicle to do it they can invest anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 and they’re buying a share.

I’m Andrew Thruston with P.J. Hussy Construction I’m here with Gwendolyn Butler GT NJ Architecture we’re gonna walk you through 2244 East Earll DR. Kind of show you what it is that we have in plan for this particular project and the renovation that we’re gonna be doing out here.

We are gonna leave the porch on but the entry is going to be moved over there so that you don’t circulate through the whole living room to get to the house. These wrought iron posts are going to come out and be replaced by some more modern rusted steel kind of posts.

You want to take a look inside

yeah inside as you can see it’s kind of dark small spaces and each room would kind of cut off from the rest of the house. So our plan is to open that up so we’re opening up the entire wall space here.  Correct, this wall is being pushed back the fireplace we were making.  So like most remodels we’re trying to change this to be an open floor plan. You know we’re getting that open feel you know brightening the space updating the floor the paint colors you know with the the walls  opening the way that they will be it’s going to be a complete, a complete Overhaul.  You know of this house the the wing over here is pretty much staying the same but everything else is going to be remodeled which is fantastic!  We’re gonna modernize the flooring you know rip all of this stuff that’s down here out and we’re going with a engineered wood and lighter walls throughout. Yeah it’d be fantastic space if we want to keep going we’ll show you guys what the kitchen will be. Kind of a weird little addition and how we’re gonna kind of modify that to make it a much more fitting space for the whole so this  space is probably the most awkward space  in the home.

It’s a big triangle!

This is a diagram of the original house and the garage and what happened was sometime maybe in the seventies they put an addition. This part which makes for a lot of awkward spaces within the house so that ends up looking like this where you have a lot of small spaces. That’s really just for here we’re here right now and a tiny little kitchen in the center which is kind of dark and I love spaces that are just not that useful. So we are opening it up so that this area which includes this and it’s gonna become kind of one open area. One of the big things that I’ll add to this is you know you see areas likethis section just very awkward and kind of just not really you know conforming. You know to what a house should look like now and that’s what we’re trying toget rid of. So we’re gonna take you know these awkward corners and these funny angles and we’re gonna open it all up and we’re gonna make it you know flow and function. You know the way somebody would want their home you know to function and be laid out. The archways are just the way that all the small rooms were divided up originally since we are gonna be opening it up all of these arches. All three or four are coming out this will be the entrance to the new master suite. But that will all be open so there won’t be any divisions between the spaces so the archways won’t  be necessary and as you saw as we walk through that space, you know it just it just is very you know confining. It’s very tight you know and so these these types of arches we’re gonna get rid of and raise those ceiling lines to where it’s gonna provide a much more open and friendly you know inviting feel to the home. So as we brighten the colors you know with our finishes as we raised you know the the the archways and the ceiling lines you know that the house is gonna feel ten times bigger. Even though where we’re  standing now.

 We’re not adding a whole lot of square footage

if any, that’s  taking place out that one of the things that we’re gonna be doing while we’re raising the the archways. One of the challenges that we’ve faced is how do you know take all of this stuff down and still you know maintain you know structural integrity of the house. So you know we even you know invited in our engineers to redesign the load-bearing points and how the trusses are gonna flow throughout this space. To where we can open it up you know and provide that open space in a professional and safe manner.  We want to make sure that anything that we do is gonna last you know for long after we’re gone. This will be the new master suite and it will be opened up to the back with double French doors. This door will go away, this wall will stay. This will pretty much be to define space for the master bath in the master closet. On the other side of this wall is a wing where there are two bedrooms and a bathroom and that wing will stay pretty much the same. Because the structure of the house, the bedrooms are both good-sized and the bathroom is nicely appointed and when we seal this off when we make this master suite it’ll be very private for the owners.  If they have children the split bedroom effect is very desirable because it gives the parents privacy. The kids get their own little area of two bedrooms and a bathroom. Then we are adding a two-car garage down here we can have a large roof heading in that direction and that roof is also going to come forward so that this wall is gonna be downplayed won’t stand out like it does now.

 It’s also gonna have some more openings in it so that it’s not one big expanse.

We’re gonna be adding some decorative wrought iron and we’re gonna have some staggered concrete walkways. There’s gonna be a lot of really neat things you know being put on this side of the house it’s where you have that that high level of curb appeal. So you know when you drive up to this home you’re gonna say absolutely I want to get out and move into this house. So it’ll be it’ll be gorgeous and the addition of the you know a full sized two-car garage is gonna be amazing.Yeah a nice benefit for the neighborhood for sure so the end result will fit the neighborhood beautifully. We’ll be keeping the same orientation to the street which is a nice 45-degree angle. It’s a modern trending location it’s a very good.

 So what I like most is I don’t do this for the money I do this because I love the hugs I get when I give people keys to their houses it’s the best feeling Ever! let’s get started


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