Arcadia Lite PhixNPhlip Project Update 6.26.19 Shane Cook with My Home Group

by Jamie 07/03/2019

All right Shane Cook here Realtor at My Home Group and owner of PhixNPhlip equity crowdfunding site here in Arizona.


Video: Arcadia Lite PhixNPhlip Project Update 6.26.19 Shane Cook with My Home Group


I’m here at our first Arcadia light project on Sells Drive.

I’m just walking back and forth here in front of the house a little bit. This one here that we’re right in front of it is not our house. So you’ll see somebody else is doing a project here so this would be two houses down from ours on Sells drive. This project is well underway they’ve started the demolition and gotten working on things in there. You take a little bit of a peek, looks like they’re getting ready for stuff. Not sure what they’ve poured. Looks like they’ve put some footings and different things, but to talk to them much. Then in between this project and our project on Sells Drive in Arcadia light for PhixNPhlip crowdfunding we have a house that caught on fire and they are well into the remodel and repair of that house.  I believe the original owners are gonna stay in that one. Then another thing I want to bring it up to date on Sells Drive so we’ve actually started construction! So what does that mean this happened in the last while and what was there a deal? Well we had to look for a zoning adjustment that we were granted. So I know that’s backwards but there you go and you can see. Let’s see if I can flip around cuz I’m gonna go inside now.

okay like I was saying we had a zoning variance request due to a mistake by the city that cost us you know some money and some time .

But we are going again so 3433 Sells Drive in Arcadia Lite, investors here is a look. That’s our neighbor’s house the one that had caught on fire and is under reconstruction as well. So not only did we get our variance but we have the updated plans approved and construction has started! So you’ll see here we’re getting ready to get the new cement poured and footings in place. Foundation all good as well as get some cuts in here so that we get all the plumbing updated for how we want. So you can see some of the marks on here this is some of behind-the-scenes stuff that you guys will continue to get to see as we go through the process of this one. Which is a completely new build pretty much from the ground up. We left a few things but mostly just the foundation in a fireplace. This is where we’re gaining a lot of square footage on this particular property.  Out here in the back and then not necessarily livable square footage but transferring some of the car port space into garage space and a little bit of extra addition on the front there to help create a garage space for this property.  Again this is our 3 4 3 3 East Sells Drive Arcadia light PhixNPhlip our first crowdfunding project here in Arizona we do equity crowdfunding projects. So far also wanted to let you know that we have another so as we walk around here at Sells Drive I also wanted to let you know that we have another project live right now. I’m not really our kiddie alight but pretty close still and then. I wanted to check on one thing too so I’ve been getting a little funky advise consultation. What I have on this particular property right now is a pretty large salt cure. Hopefully it’ll help us a little bit moving forward so that we don’t run into snafus like we did with the cities and the state. Costing us a bunch of time and money but you know that stuff happens in these type of projects so you have to go with the flow. Continue to take advantage of the different opportunities that that stuff might also provide the market has been pretty kind to us so far. So I’m  worried that it stays coming to us throughout the construction.

We have another project that one is currently going on Earll Drive.

I believe that one is and I’ve been getting the address messed up but I believe it’s 2244 East Earll Drive and that project is currently raising funds. We are open until I think it’s July 26th for raising funds on Earll Drive . If you’re  interested check out our website at with ph’s that’s pH IX and pH L IP com you can check down to scroll down to the project section and see that we have Earll Drive currently raising funds and late in July. Towards the end maybe right after Earll closes out we will have our third equity crowdfunding project on Tremaine in Chandler getting started. So again this is Shane Cook I’m with My Home Group I’m a realtor here in the Phoenix Valley and we’re with the owner partner with my father Joe Cook in and equity crowdfunding platform that we’ve created and our building here in Arizona. Thanks everybody have a great day and I look forward to seeing you more on our Facebook page and in our investment list Thanks you

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