FOCUS: Project Arcadia Lite 3433 E. Sells Drive in Phoenix Arizona

by Jamie 07/03/2019

Hi we’re here at 3433 E. Sells Drive in Phoenix Arizona.

I’m Shane cook and this is my father and partner Joe Cook.  it’s a 1958 house that needed completely redone Joe and I have been in business for 20 years together off and on and all kinds of investments having to do his real estate and we just really enjoy this kind of project. My business is relationships and networking and as a professional realtor and Investor here in the valley I’m continually active at that. So as soon as we grabbed a project like this and I knew we were gonna have a big list of stuff to work through.  I reached out to my network and found some contacts and ended up working with Gwen Butler, the architect is taking care of all of our designs and working with the city.

The electrician and the engineers I was introduced to Shane through a mutual acquaintance who is a realtor she knew.

He needed an architect and knew I did residential work so she connected the two of us.  I have been working since 1991 when I graduated architecture school. As an architect I definitely enjoy the design part of it. It’s kind of like solving a puzzle. But one of the most satisfying parts though is when it’s complete and you have happy homeowners. Working with Shane has been a lot of fun! He’s very enthusiastic and energetic and full of ideas. But at the same time open to my ideas.


My friend Jamie’s helping us out with all the back office stuff.

Jamie Sweet has done business with me two or three different times and so when we needed somebody to help us just fill holes and pieces as we build this thing, he was on the list for sure. Then behind the camera is Eric and Taylor and with Financial Potion. They have done all of our video stuff for quite a while. Working with Nicole and Kevin with Revival Renovations. So when we first started this project did you think we’re gonna be doing this? How big of a project did I say it was gonna be? A partial remodel you know I think the perimeter walls were gonna stay standing. How much is coming down today?  Everything except the slab in the fire we’ll be able have a wood-burning fireplace. Thanks for your time man I appreciate it. Now I’d like to get back to work. Thank  you

 I’m Nicole with Revival Home Renovations.

Our mission of Revival Home Renovations is to bring the beauty of your home back to life. Kevin brought in his decades of experience working in the commercial industry. My experience in real estate and we brought them together to create Revival Home Renovation. I feel like Kevin could really create anything with his eyes closed. He’s just naturally good at building and seeing a vision. My background was in design and event planning and so it kind of came together naturally where we could build this business.  I found Shane through my home group were both real-estate agents and he was looking for a contractor for a new project and so we just kind of sat down and our personalities just really meshed well. Between Kevin’s directness and black-and-white vision and he’s just a go-getter works really hard. I think they wanted somebody that was gonna just go in and get the job done.  I think for us were really excited to be at the forefront of this innovation that they’re doing with crowdfunding. To be their preferred partner and be able to watch these revivals come to fruition.  You can invest in this crowdfunding project for as little as a $1000 and get a return on your investment.

Where a lot of people who want to get into real estate right now, don’t really have that opportunity.  They don’t have the funds available and so this gives them a way to get involved.

We both had different ideas and reasons why we might might generate crowdfunding and then we’ve seen other opportunities with it as well. We think if we can make a platform where a project-by-project availability is attractive to investors who aren’t accredited investors but live in Arizona. That we can spread the wealth around from a real estate stand point and see more and do better projects. We’ve always invited friends and family into our projects. If they wanted for friends and family have asked us about it and this just seemed like an easy opportunity to say alright we haven’t used this vehicle before. We would finish it ourselves, so if we would finish it ourselves would we let others participate. Right and use that via investigated that vehicle called crowdfunding and here we go.

So with Nicole and Gwen on the team we’ve talked a lot about design and how to fit into the neighborhood.

Yet still appeal to the price range that we’re looking for. You can get up into the 350K plus a square foot here so we’ve decided to go with a mid-century modern design and a contemporary fee. This house is just maybe I don’t know about five or six houses down the street it wasn’t you know tear down redone. But it has been updated it was an original mid-century modern design and it fits in well in this neighborhood. With mixed designs you know starting construction in the late 50s and early 60s some of the stuff in here’s been redone in the 80s and 90s and now there’s a lot of stuff being redone today. So we’re gonna go with a mid-century modern design and some contemporary feel to it. So there’ll be some of the wood textures and clean walls that we see a lot today. We just hope to fit in real well with the neighborhood. We’ve been wanting to do a project in this area for a really long time. Arcadia Light is one of our favorite areas because they’re old homes that you can completely redo. You’ve got the beautiful land you’ve got citrus trees. I mean it’s been invested in for a really long time so now to make new homes in there with new families coming and is really exciting!


I love the neighborhood’s the coffee shops the little craft beer areas and I think it’s a really great place for families to move into.

It started out as maybe we were going to kind of work with the existing. Then it turned into maybe it’s better to take it all down to the slab and redesign so it could be a completely new and more modern house. Then what we see here we’re looking to do some clean lines on the exterior wood finishes. Just

big glass windows and then on the inside we want to do more concrete finishes. Really unique wall textures things like that try to design it so that it’s not any particular style. So that really anyone would enjoy it would like it it’s gonna be great!

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