Video Update 11.29.19 3433 E. Sells Drive– HUGE Hidden Pantry>>>Check it out!!

Invest, PhixNPhlip, Real Estate, crowdfunding, Crowdinvesting, Diversify, investment, platform, connect, escrow, opportunity, community, Arizona, growth, relationships, crowd, funding, realestate, fix and flip Hello everybody and Happy Thanksgiving! Shane cook here with, also I’m a realtor with My Home Group Commercial and Residential Real Estate. Here we are at one of my crowdfunding projects that

Video Update Project#2 Update 2244 Earll Dr 11.18.19

Video Update Project#2 Update 2244 Earll Dr 11.18.19 Okay now we are at our second crowdfunding project today! Shane cook here with My Home Group and PhixNPhlip crowdfunding investments ., that’s where you can check out our process and investments. This one is currently Earrl Dr project #2 it’s the third one to start

Video Update Project #3 Update Tremaine Drive 11.18.19

Project #3 Update Tremaine Drive 11.18.19 All right so we’ll start from the back here I kind of wanted to be out of everybody’s way. But as you can see the framing is in full swing. Try to stay a hell out of everybody’s way so you don’t get smacked with, you know two by

11.4.2019 Project #1 Update Sells Dr 

1.4.2019 Project#1 Update Sells Dr Shane Cook here my home group full time realtor, commercial and residential also Arizona real estate crowdfunding. We’re here at our first project at sells Drive. This one’s coming along great hopefully we’ll be getting this one all locked up and taken care of in December and January so