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To check out our You Tube Channel Click Here   Start here with PhixNPhlip Intro Video= PhixNPhlip Overview Website How to invest with PhixNPhlip a crowdfunding platform Jim and Tricia Manara Manara Properties Andrew Thruston P.J Hussey Construction Why work with Shane Cook and PhixNPhlip? Joe Cook in Real Estate since 1991 participating in transactions

What is Equity Real Estate Crowdfunding? Is it a donation or gofundme type?

All crowdfunding offers are not the same.   Joe and Shane Cook the sponsors of the crowdfunding offer, are personally invested in every project that we currently offer including: Arcadia Lite Earll Drive PHX.   Then, they are offering Equity Interests and profit participation to qualified investors.    Since the project is already funded, you

Why is crowdfunding gaining such popularity? What are the benefits of crowdfunding?

Popularity in crowdfunding has evolved on the internet with new rules and regulations the market has grown exponentially.  From 2009 to 2015 growing from a 530 Million globally, to 170 Billion reported Nov 2019. Although Debt crowdfunding is most common, you can see if the graph that equity crowdfunding (purple) is gaining popularity as more

Earll Drive PHX Crowdfunding Investment Structure

Earll Drive PHX: PhixNPhlip is offering up to $400,000 in; Secured Participating Preferred Non-Voting Memberships. Offer: 6% Preferred Interest (Prior to Sponsor participation) Plus 40% NET Profit share (After Sponsor participation of 35K) Total Interests available: 400 @ $1,000 each = 400,000 The offering may close any time between the minimum being raised and  July 26, 2019.

Earll Drive PHX Crowdfunding offer CLOSED 7/26/19

Earll Drive PHX- PhixNPhlip is offering up to $400,000 in Secured Participating Preferred Non-Voting Memberships. Offer: 6% preferred interest Prior to Sponsor participation  40% NET Profit share after Sponsor participation of  35K Total Interests available: 400 @ $1,000 each = 400,000 Raise date= 7/26/2019 or when the entire project is funded; whichever comes first! Click here to