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  • Market Knowledge

    We understand Arizona real estate, and we thoroughly vet every property for reliable estimates on cost and market value.

  • Our Portfolio

    Our track record speaks for itself. Our base preferred return rate has been 6% throughout the last 5 years.

  • Return of Investments

    Real estate is one of the most reliable investment avenues, and Arizona home values have gone up about 7% each year since 2013.

  • Years of Relationships

    From purchase to construction to resale, we have the connections to make each project a success.

Here is What Our Investors are Saying.

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We’ve Got Great News...

3433 E. Sells Dr Project #1 Performance Summary Presentation

https://youtu.be/_XWgF5GKUck 3433 E. Sells Dr Project #1 Performance Summary Presentation This is PhixNPhlip.com, I am Shane Cook, Joe Cook is also on the call he’s my father and partner. In starting up PhixNPhlip.com that’s PHIX n PHLIP dot-com if you want to check us out online. This presentation will also be a blog eventually and

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2.12.2020 Project 1 update video 3433 E. Sells Dr

2.12.2020 Project 1 update video 3433 E. Sells Dr https://youtu.be/nLT2S_Sw3l8 Hi there Shane cook here doing an investor update for PhixNPhlip.com out here at 3344 E. Sells Dr. Gwendolyn Butler is who did the architecture on this project. This is our first crowdfunding project that we put together. Revival Renovations did all the construction on

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